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Now that we’ve welcomed baby boy number three I have new inspiration to help dress three boys for holiday pictures!  Not sure what my own will wear yet but I know I don’t want them all dressed in identically.  My sister who also has three boys ages 5, 3 and 1 faces a similar task and asked for my help dressing her boys.  The key is to go for outfits that co-ordinate.  Pick a few colours and run with the theme- generally I find it easiest to go shopping with a broad colour palette in mind and narrow it down based on pieces I see that I love.  For example in this set-up I knew my sister wanted holiday pictures but not necessarily holiday colours so the standard red and green was out.  But I thought either red OR green paired with navy and gray or brown would look sharp so started there.
WTW holiday

My original first outfit had an adorable pair of jeans and red suspenders and I made the other outfits around it but it ended up looking too informal so I nixed the jeans and found a more formal alternative.  Don’t get TOO set on one outfit if what you find for the other folks starts taking you in another direction.  You want to keep both colours and style in mind- don’t put one in jeans and a tee if everyone is wearing their Sunday best- as well as incorporate patterns and textures harmoniously.   As always I’m MORE than happy to help you select outfits for your family session with Lunaria Photography.


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