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 Awe is very much how I’d describe my first birth photography experience.  I’ve always had a special passion for birth and the miracle of new life, and this August I had the opportunity to actually witness and photograph one.  Enter Tiffany, a friend going back to elementary school who was expecting her first born.  We had reconnected over our shared interest in natural birth and attachment parenting.  Tiffany had chosen to have a home water birth attended by midwives which had been my plan with my fourth child.  She asked if I might consider photographing the birth for her as she knew I had had my own most recent birth photographed which I had shared was an amazing experience.

I could hardly stand the excitement and anticipation when she texted me to let me know she was in early labour.  I awoke the next morning and sure enough it was go-time. The next few hours I can only describe as awe-inspiring- Tiffany was such a natural.  So peaceful, so calm, so strong.  A quiet strength.  She made it all look so easy.  Her husband Dale was such an attentive and perceptive support to his wife and by her side throughout.  It was a dream of a birth to photograph.  Their bathroom, newly renovated, featured a massive tub perfect for a water birth.  This sat under a large window that let in the beautiful natural light of that August morning.  When little Shane made his arrival, the emotion in the room was palpable- he was so loved even before he came earth side but to be held for the first time in his parents arms was just breathtaking to witness.

I hope in sharing this slideshow that you see how amazing and beautiful birth photography can be and get a sense of the awe that I experienced in witnessing the birth of Shane Michael.

Thanks so much to Tiffany and Dale for sharing this amazing experience with me!  If you are interested in birth photography services or would like to learn more about what it entails, feel free to email me at: to the world Shane Michael!