petite rose | whitby child custom portraits

My little Rose, could anything be as sweet?  She’s definitely my most used model.  It was wanting to take better pics of Rose that pushed me to get my first serious camera.  I saw these beautiful pics other moms had and felt our session at the local chain studio left much to be desired.  I played with my point and shoot camera as much as I could but was frustrated with it’s limitations.  Sadly there are months of Rose’s first year for which I have no piectures because I was too aggravated with my camera and the picturs I was getting from it to bother.  :sad face:  My wonderful husband bought me my Canon Rebel XSi for Mother’s Day when my second born was 5 weeks old.  It has been and continues to be an incredible learning process.  Thanks to Rose for the beautiful inspiration! 

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  1. You are my role models. Many thanks for that write-up

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