henry turns two | whitby child photographer

Can’t believe my little guy is two already!  He has such a huge personality but is definitely not the easiest of subjects in front of a camera- he won’t sit still for two seconds.  But we had a blast just him and me at sunset at a gorgeous park in north Whitby!  Happy birthday little guy!


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19 Responses to “henry turns two | whitby child photographer”

  1. melanie says:

    Cute kid!!!! Great job with the pictures and really really beautiful lighting! Happy birthday, Henry!

  2. Maria says:

    What an adorable little guy. You did an awesome job with these Hilary!

  3. Brandi Lyn says:

    Absolutely adorable!! Can’t believe he’s so big – great work!

  4. Jiyeon says:

    What a lovely child photography! Whitby is lucky to have you!

  5. Corey says:

    What a happy little guy! You captured this baby boy’s personality perfectly during his photo session!

  6. Jenny says:

    What a great outdoor session of this cutie! Whitby is a great location!

  7. Linda says:

    Love the picks! I will tell my friends who are looking for a child photography in whitby about you!

  8. Brenden says:

    Wow this Whitby park is gorgeous! And you captured this little 2 year old guy so perfect, what a handsome little man.

  9. Dawn says:

    Awww-Cullen Central Park was an awesome location for these 2 year old portraits! His face is just beaming with excitement .

  10. Christine D says:

    He is just adorable! Look at the bright eyes and big smiles on this child! You captured his spirit beautifully in this two year photo session. Gorgeous light there in Whitby Park too!

  11. Jessica C says:

    Can you say adorable? He is SO CUTE! You do amazing child portraiture!

  12. Harshita says:

    oh my gosh…such a cute lil boy…lighting is so beautiful…love it 🙂

  13. What an adorable little boy!! You’ve captured his expressions so well, and this looks like it was the perfect location in Whitby Park.

  14. What a beautiful child as well as photography! That outdoor location is stunning!

  15. What a beautiful photography session to celebrate this handsome little man – the location in Cullen Park is just perfect for these images – you can really see his personality – I don’t know how they will ever pick their favorite images. Well done!

  16. Melissa D. says:

    Such an adorable little guy! Cullen Gardens is always a beautiful location, there are many beautiful places in Whitby 🙂

  17. What gorgeous outdoor photos in Whitby! Your little guy is so sweet and Cullen Park is really pretty at sunset. Child photography is definitely your calling!

  18. RobynK says:

    Your little guys is such a cutie! I love this outdoor location, the lighting is just perfect!

  19. Jennifer says:

    Look at all those amazing smiles, as hard as it can be at times for strangers to get on a childs level you sure did an amazing job! This is a perfect childrens outdoor photography session!

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