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Have you ever been confused as to how to best display your images from your photo session?  There are SO many options to choose from!

Even as a photographer myself I’ve been guilty- like a doctor who doesn’t take care of himself, I took thousands of pictures of my family and hadn’t until last year printed a single image!  Now I’m hooked with a long to-do list of photo display projects.  But here’s what I’ve done so far!



The top two- my chubby baby and my older two with a cousin- are 16x20in gallery wrap canvases from Canvas On Demand.  These are STUNNING in person and hang over the club chairs in my living room!  I would do one of these in every room of the house if I could!  The minimalist look, without a frame, is very much my personal style.

Next is my biggun’!  Shot by the fabulous Maria of Slice of Lime Photography ( out of Markham, Ontario, this family portrait of us from last fall hangs over our fireplace in the living room.  This is also a gallery wrap canvas from Canvas On Demand, but this one is 20x30in and is the thinner wrap- 1/2in projection instead of the 1in projection of my 16x20s.  The secret with these canvases is to go big or home.  For the greatest impact you need them large enough to balance out the furniture in the room and the wall space.  20x30in seemed quite big in the box but it’s JUST big enough over my mantle!
Next (left to right) is a DIY project- something you might try at home with your purchased digital files or if you have a particular thought in mind, maybe something you saw on Pinterest, I’m MORE than happy to work with you to get you the products you need for your project.  For this one I stapled chicken wire to an old empty frame saved from my father-in-law’s barn and inserted Polaroid-style snapshots of my two oldest and hung in our dining room.

In the middle is a standing frame my kids bought me last year for Mother’s Day with help from Nana!  Top to bottom are my beautiful sister-in-law (her picture is actually a place holder till I can convince my husband to let me take his picture), myself, then Rose, Jack and Henry.  These are all 8x10in prints from my local professional printer- GTA Imaging, the same printer I use for the majority of customer prints as well.

Finally, my work in progress which is an absolutely impossible space to photograph well,  is my stairway photo wall.  The stairway leads up to the bedrooms  and I’ve hung 17 frames of various sizes that I will use to show case photographs of our extend family- aunts and uncles, grandparents and great grandparents, cousins, friends that might as well be family.  Each column of pictures is hung with the center of the center frame at eye level from the stair directly below which gives it a nice even flow.  I can’t WAIT to spend more time on this and filling those frames one by one!

The really cool thing about THIS blog post is that not only do you get to see how I have started to display my own family’s pictures in our house, but as a blog circle you can visit a number of blogs and see how different photographers display their own.  Check out Kat’s blog Pastiche Photography to see her displays.





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4 Responses to “blog circle | displaying your images”

  1. erin says:

    So beautiful! I especially love the chicken wire frame. And how awesome that the frame came from your father-in-law’s barn?!?!

  2. Love the canvas of your family – and I like where your steps are going!! <3 Beautiful!

  3. Lindsey says:

    Your living room looks SO good with those canvases! Love!

  4. Evelyn says:

    LOVE the big family canvas!! Beautiful home!

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